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What we blogged about in September 2019

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Our round-ups are the easiest way of catching up on blog posts you may have missed

Here is a round-up of each and every Public Health England (PHE) screening blog post published in September 2019. There were 18 in total.

Antenatal and newborn screening

Let's talk about sex - World Sexual Health Day

Find out about what we are doing to promote reproductive and sexual health.

Important changes to SMaRT4NIPE

Find out about the new version of SMaRT4NIPE, the IT system for the newborn and infant physical examination programme.

Important updates to NIPE handbook

An updated version of the newborn and infant physical examination screening programme handbook has now been published.


Someone using a translation app on their phone
We are always working to keep translated versions of our leaflets up to date

Signpost women to updated translations of antenatal and newborn screening information

Updated translations of our antenatal and newborn screening information have been published in 12 languages.

Updated laboratory handbook for FASP

The updated handbook for laboratories working with the fetal anomaly screening programme is the ‘all you need to know’ guide for Down’s syndrome, Edwards’ syndrome and Patau’s syndrome.

e-learning for sonographers in first trimester screening

We have just refreshed and updated our e-learning resource for ultrasound practitioners involved in first trimester screening.

Give us your views on the antenatal and newborn screening animation

Complete our short survey to evaluate the antenatal and newborn screening animation.

Say hello to us at the Royal College of Midwives conference 2019

We were at this year’s conference to offer guidance and answer questions.

User research into antenatal and newborn digital screening information

Find out what we learned from asking people for their views about the move to digital screening information.

Be ready for new features in the newborn blood spot failsafe system

Find out about the changes coming to the NBSFS system used to ensure screening invites are not missed.

Breast screening

New breast screening guidance for commissioners

Updated guidance has been published for commissioners and providers of medical physics services.

A woman doing tests in a laboratory
There is new guidance for laboratories providing human papillomavirus (HPV) testing

Cervical screening

Launch of new HPV primary screening letters and leaflets

Information on new invitation and result letters, along with new information leaflets.

Guidance for laboratories providing HPV testing and cytology services now available

Find out about the new guidance for laboratories that are providing HPV testing and cervical cytology services.

Diabetic eye screening

How we worked across teams to make sure a young man with complex needs could receive important eye check

An example of best practice from a local diabetic eye screening provider in helping to ensure equal access to screening for an individual with complex needs.

Survey responses will help us improve timeliness of referrals to hospital eye services

Find out what we learned through our survey into challenges in meeting one of our achievable standards for diabetic eye screening.

Screening Quality Assurance Service

New e-learning module on screening incidents

Find out more about our new e-learning module on managing safety incidents in NHS screening programmes.

UK National Screening Committee

UK NSC annual call for topics

Your opportunity to propose a new health screening programme which could be implemented across the whole of the UK.

General information

New version of Screening: Evidence and Practice book launched

Find out about the much improved and updated second edition of the Screening: Evidence and Practice book by Angela Raffle, Anne Mackie and Muir Gray.

Making sure no one is left behind in the digital age

Citizens Online is undertaking an equalities impact assessment on the plan to replace printed leaflets with digital information for many people.

PHE Screening blogs

PHE Screening blogs provide up to date news from all NHS screening programmes. You can register to receive updates direct to your inbox, so there’s no need to keep checking for new blogs. If you have any questions about this blog article, or about population screening in England, please contact the PHE screening helpdesk.

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