Jamili Miah

Jamili Miah joined Public Health England in September 2013. Jamili worked for the Diabetic Eye Screening Programme in Birmingham for three years as a screener and disease grader. She then moved to London to join the NHS Newborn Blood Spot Screening Programme Team as Project Support. Her work has included supporting the national roll out of expanded screening and, implementing the new blood spot quality guidelines across all English newborn screening laboratories. In addition Jamili has recently also joined the Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Screening Programme.

Newborn blood spot (NBS) screening celebrates the first anniversary of programme expansion

It’s been a year since the NHS newborn blood spot screening programme expanded screening for an additional 4 inherited metabolic diseases (IMDs): maple syrup urine disease (MSUD) isovaleric acidaemia (IVA) glutaric aciduria type 1 (GA1) homocystinuria (pyridoxine unresponsive) (HCU) We …