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Cystic fibrosis information leaflet updated and published in digital format

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Of the 300 babies each year that need extra CF tests, around 225 will have the condition, 60 will not have CF, and 15 results will be inconclusive

Many of you will know that Public Health England (PHE) is in the process of converting NHS screening information leaflets into digital HTML format in line with the government’s ‘digital by default’ policy.

With expert input from clinicians and parents, the national programme team for the newborn blood spot screening programme has updated the PHE Screening information for parents of babies suspected of having cystic fibrosis (CF).

This updated resource is published in HTML format only, can be viewed on any device and meets government accessibility regulations.

NHS-led newborn screening services are advised to direct parents to this online information if the result of a baby’s newborn blood spot test is ‘CF suspected’.

We’ve done our best to use simple language throughout and have included a new infographic illustration, see top of this blog post, that helps explain the chances of a cystic fibrosis suspected screening result being followed by a conclusive diagnosis.

Parents and families who are directed to this online leaflet may feel anxious following a ‘CF suspected’ screening result. We have therefore also included links to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust website where there is much more information and support about diagnosis and living with CF.

PHE will be publishing many more information screening resources for the public in HTML format over the coming few months, so watch this space.

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