Nick Johnstone-Waddell

Nick Johnstone-Waddell has worked in screening since 2001. He started with the newborn hearing screening programme back when it was still a pilot project and helped to develop the first national screening IT system.

He is now responsible for public and professional information for all the national population screening programmes, including leaflets and online content. He strongly believes in the need for simple, clear information to support informed choice and is always looking for new ways to get our messages across.

Nick’s background is in psychology and mental health research. He lives in Manchester and enjoys long walks with his family and dog.

How to write about risk: working to produce better public information on screening

I read an interesting article recently.  In it, Dr Steven Hatch, a specialist in infectious diseases at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, writes about uncertainty in medicine and why patients – and doctors – need to get better at weighing …