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Helping health professionals support personal informed choice in screening

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We're really pleased to launch a new video resource about informed choice featuring national screening expert Dr Louise Bryant.

Dr Bryant is an associate professor at the University of Leeds and her area of expertise includes improving access to mainstream healthcare for people with a learning disability.

In the video, Dr Bryant discusses a range of topics relevant to health professionals who work in screening.

Dr Bryant said:

My main interests are in helping people understand the complexities of screening, accessible information and how to help people make better use of information about screening.

Video chapters

Dr Bryant's video is about 7 minutes so hopefully it's not too long to watch the whole thing but it can of course be viewed in chunks. The video has chapters on:

  • accessible information (33 seconds into the video)
  • impact of environment (1 minute, 15 seconds into the video)
  • effective conversations (2 minutes, 20 seconds into the video)
  • respecting different choices (3 minutes into the video)
  • non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) (4 minutes into the video)
  • informed choice, consent and decision-making (5 minutes into the video)
  • digital or written information (5 minutes, 50 seconds into the video)
  • 3 final things to remember (6 minutes, 30 seconds into the video)

Adding subtitles

It's easy to turn subtitles on. You just need to:

  • scroll over video to make the bottom toolbar appear
  • click on the ‘CC’ button
  • make sure the ‘CC’ button is blue, which means subtitles are on

Please note, although there’s a reference in the video to the planned NIPT implementation in 2018, this has been delayed, as explained in our recent blog article.

More great resources

We have lots of other resources you can use, including our new introduction to population screening e-learning module. The module provides a short introduction to what population screening is – and isn't. Check out our short video introduction to find out what you'll find on it.

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