Sheila Miller

Sheila is a team member of the Screening Quality Assurance Service based in the North of England. Sheila works as a clinical advisor for the NHS antenatal and newborn screening programmes.
The aim of quality assurance is to maintain minimum standards and promote continuous improvement in antenatal and newborn screening. This is to ensure that all eligible people have access to a consistent high quality service wherever they live.

Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme (FASP): gestational age parameters

In our last FASP blog we looked at the ‘twice on the couch’ guidance for the first trimester combined test. We now want to raise awareness of the gestational age parameters for both the first and second trimester screening. We continue to emphasise the best …

Can't get an accurate nuchal translucency measurement? Don't let women miss out

The screening quality assurance service (SQAS) is responsible for assuring the quality of all NHS screening programmes. An important aspect of this role is to ensuring that learning from screening incidents is shared among all local screening providers.