Sharon Webb

Sharon is national programme manager for the NHS Infectious Diseases in Pregnancy Screening (IDPS) Programme. She started her career in the West Midlands as a nurse and midwife. She moved into public health as a lead on clinical governance in the primary care groups. In 2001 she became regional lead for antenatal and child health screening programmes for the West Midlands Strategic Health Authority. She developed professional networks and groups for professionals responsible for antenatal and newborn screening from all sectors: maternity; laboratories; specialist services; public health and commissioning. She co-led the national mapping exercise for IDPS in 2010, leading to the development of national standards in 2011. In April 2013 she was appointed national programme manager.

Streamlining data collection processes for infectious diseases in pregnancy screening

The NHS Infectious Diseases in Pregnancy (IDPS) programme recently published revised standards for 2016 to 2017. These standards include metrics to evaluate the programme and allow providers and commissioners to identify where improvements are needed.