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Nadia Permalloo

Nadia is Head of Screening Quality Assurance Development (Clinical) for the Screening Quality Assurance Service (National team)
Nadia Permalloo has worked in screening since 1998. She has worked in screening programmes at local, regional and national levels and is a registered nurse and midwife.

Nadia currently works nationally in quality assurance for the PHE Screening Quality Assurance Service. She cares that women and babies have high quality care and that we should be continually striving to improve what we do by supporting and developing staff delivering screening programmes.

Launch of easy read versions of Screening tests for you and your baby

One of the values we hold dear in PHE Screening is supporting individuals to make an informed choice about screening.

Shared learning: mask helps improve KPI performance for fetal anomaly screening

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Background All eligible pregnant women in England are offered screening for Down’s, Edwards’ and Patau’s syndromes. Staff must fully complete the laboratory request form with the correct information to enable the screening laboratory to process the sample without delay and …

Failsafe 'return of serve' ensures screening referrals are safe

I wonder if you, like me, watched last year's television coverage of Andy Murray helping Great Britain to win the Davis Cup. It was a truly proud moment for Britain. Andy’s return of serve made me think of a critical point …

Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme (FASP): gestational age parameters

In our last FASP blog we looked at the ‘twice on the couch’ guidance for the first trimester combined test. We now want to raise awareness of the gestational age parameters for both the first and second trimester screening. We continue to emphasise the best …