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Updated templates for antenatal and newborn KPI data collection

Today we published the key performance indicator (KPI) templates for the first quarter of 2017 to 2018. This covers the period 1 April to 30 June 2017. Data collection is from maternity services and child health information systems (CHIS).

Updated template for newborn blood spot KPIs from CHIS.

Every 3 months, we update the KPI templates and make them available on GOV.UK at least one month before the submission window opens. The templates are reviewed to reflect organisational changes in the NHS and changes in the KPI definitions with the aim to make them:

  • more user friendly
  • easier for providers to complete

The 2017 to 2018 Q1 submission window will be open from 1 to 30 September.

Updated template for antenatal and newborn KPIs from maternity services.

Please read the template fully for the KPIs you submit. We would also recommend referring to the 2017 to 2018 KPI definitions document to make sure you understand the details of each KPI.

The biggest change we have made to the maternity services template is for the antenatal coverage KPIs for infectious diseases and sickle cell and thalassaemia. As these KPIs are based on the same cohort of women and have the same exclusion categories they are now on the same page. These are:

  • ID1 – HIV coverage
  • ID3 – Hepatitis B coverage (new in 2017 to 2018)
  • ID4 – Syphilis coverage (new in 2017 to 2018)
  • ST1 – Sickle cell and thalassaemia coverage
Table taken from the new data template.
All 4 KPIs for coverage of antenatal screening of infectious diseases and sickle cell and thalassaemia are now on the same page.

Summary of changes

The new templates include:

  • updated formatting, including font size and colours
  • a revised guidance tab, with instructions on how to complete and submit the template
  • an updated KPI descriptions tab

The cells containing formulas and codes have been locked down, but you can adjust the width of the columns and height of the rows if you need to.

When using the template, you:

  • only have to enter the name of your maternity service or the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) you are reporting for once at the top of the template
  • will no longer have to enter the sources of data for each KPI as we have this information from previous data collections
  • can hover your keyboard mouse over the little red triangles to see extra information

Finally, as the definition of FA2 (Fetal anomaly screening – ultrasound coverage) has been updated for 2017 to 2018 we will also update the template to reflect this. As FA2 is collected 2 quarters in arrears we will make these changes to the Q2 template for submission in December when we collect the Q1 FA2 data.

When submitting KPI data

Please make sure to:

  • sense check your data
  • complete the ‘submitted by’ information
  • make sure the data has been signed off
  • submit the completed and signed off template to within the submission window.

KPI e-learning

We recently created an e-learning resource to help understand KPIs for antenatal coverage. The resource explains:

  • the meaning of coverage
  • why monitoring and reporting coverage is important
  • that KPIs are not simply a data collection exercise but that each number relates to an individual woman going through the screening pathway
  • how to achieve complete and timely KPI submissions
  • how to improve the data quality

Read about the KPI: Antenatal coverage resource before you sign up for the e-Learning for Healthcare learning platform.

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