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We’ve started playing tag! How to find good stuff quicker on the blog

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Regular blog readers (hello to you all!) should be fairly good at finding their way round the PHE Screening blog now. And new visitors will hopefully find that it’s pretty straightforward.

But we always want to improve the blog and make it easier to find the news and articles that are most relevant and interesting to you. That’s why we’ve introduced tags. These are a new way to search the blog quickly and easily.

You can already look at blog articles by broad category using the menu on the right. These allow you to see all the articles relating to a particular screening programme. Tags take that one step further by grouping blog articles together by topic. Topics are things like ‘failsafe’, ‘primary care’ or ‘shared learning’. They cross categories and help you find related content more easily. For example, if you work in antenatal screening, you can just click on the ‘antenatal screening’ tag to find all the relevant blogs, rather than having to go through the infectious diseases, fetal anomaly and sickle cell and thalassaemia blog articles separately.

We’ve chosen 29 tags that we’re going to start using. Here’s the list.

accessible information
annual reports and updates
antenatal screening
blog news
CPD and qualifications
data and KPIs
diagnostic testing
events and courses
IT systems
monthly roundup
newborn screening
primary care
public information and informed choice
pulse oximetry
research and audit
screening benefits and risks
shared learning
views from the front line
UK wide

If you can think of other useful tags then please let us know. Remember that to be useful, tags should cover fairly common topics. When you click on a tag you want to find other useful content – not an empty page!

We’re now using tags for all new blog articles. Over the next few months we’ll also be going back through all our old blog articles and adding tags to those too.

Using tags

The ‘blog tags’ menu on the right of the blog window displays the tags currently in use. The bigger the text size, the more times that tag has been used. Just click on a tag to list all the blog articles tagged with that particular topic.

Tags are also shown at the end of a blog article. Again, just click on the tag to find all related content. For instance, if you look at the end of this article you’ll see the ‘blog news’ tag. Try clicking on it to see what happens.

That’s all there is to it, really. We hope tags quickly become a useful way for you to find your way round the PHE Screening blog. Please let us know how you get on by adding a comment below.

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  1. Comment by Rose posted on

    I also think it would be useful to specify which programme I work in. Cross-programme issues such as data and KPIs could be included in all of them, but it would reduce the number of irrelevant emails overall.

  2. Comment by J Oduko posted on

    I would like "breast screening" as a tag. This is my only interest.

    • Replies to J Oduko>

      Comment by Nick Johnstone-Waddell posted on


      Thanks for your comment. To view breast screening blogs, you can select the 'NHS Breast Screening Programme' category on the right-hand side of the main blog page.

      Tags are for more detailed topics, or issues that affect many screening programmes, such as 'data and KPIs' or 'public information and informed choice'.

      Hope that helps.


  3. Comment by Callum posted on

    Cervical screening as a tag would be useful to me.

    Not sure why you didn't split the blog into the separate screening programmes from the beginning, I removed myself from the alerts as most of what was being sent out was irrelevant to me.

    • Replies to Callum>

      Comment by Nick Johnstone-Waddell posted on

      Hi Callum,

      Thanks for your suggestion. You can already view all our blogs on cervical screening by selecting the 'NHS Cervical Screening Programme' option from the categories list on the right-hand side of the blog. You can then bookmark this page to quickly see all cervical-related blogs in the future.

      We did think about having separate blogs for each programme but having over 11 blogs would be hard to manage and many people do work across multiple screening programmes, especially in antenatal and newborn screening. We also regularly publish general blogs that are relevant to all the programmes.

      But we do agree that it would be really useful when you sign up to the blog to select which categories you'd be interested in. We've suggested this to the government team that's responsible for the blog platform and they have said they hope to add this feature in the future. We'll keep everyone posted about this!