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Julie Tucker

Julie started working for the NHS as a newborn hearing screener in Oxfordshire in 2002, coming from a finance, IT systems and management background. She became the NHSP local manager there from 2003. In 2018, she successfully secured the project lead position with the PHE newborn hearing screening team which has benefited from her clinical skills and experience.

She previously worked as a peer reviewer with the screening quality assurance service for the South, South West and East Midlands of England. She is currently enjoying secondment into the projects coordinator role for the PHE national NHSP team.

New newborn hearing screening operational guidance published

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My name is Julie Tucker. Since late 2015, I have spent the one day a week when I’m not managing the newborn hearing screening service in Oxford writing the new NHS Newborn Hearing Screening Programme (NHSP) operational guidance on behalf of …