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Call for experts in neonatal/infant ophthalmology or paediatric genito urinary medicine

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Photo of a newborn baby being examined in hospital by a nurse.
All parents are offered a thorough physical examination for their baby within 72 hours of giving birth.

The newborn and infant screening programme (NIPE) is currently looking for experts in the field of neonatal/infant ophthalmology or genito urinary medicine.

PHE Screening will be holding separate meetings in the next couple of months for the 2 specialities with a representative group of experts.

The first of these meetings is being planned for autumn 2019, which will allow plenty of time to rearrange clinical commitments.

To register your interest, please contact us before 31 July 2019 stating your skills and experience, and why you would like to join.

The purpose of the group will be to review:

  • current national screening standards and clinical guidance
  • NIPE eyes and testes screening pathways
  • current timescale for referral
  • roles and responsibilities along the eyes/testes screening pathway
  • any training issues

The group will also provide an opportunity for a discussion about:

  • timescales for referral into treatment services
  • the NIPE programme remit and input into supporting a safe diagnostic pathway

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