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New e-learning on newborn blood spot samples

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Blood spot sample takers: have you ever wondered why sample quality is so important?

The simple answer is that a poor quality sample could mean that a baby with a serious condition is missed.

Newborn blood spot screening identifies babies at increased risk of having one of 9 rare but serious conditions. They can then be seen and treated early if needed. The treatment can be life-saving for some of these babies.

New e-learning

We’ve launched a new e-learning module on blood spot samples that explains what could happen if a baby has a poor quality sample. For example, if the sample did not have the correct amount of blood, was contaminated or taken at the wrong time.

A blood spot card showing a poor quality sample because the 4 blood spot samples are too small.
The card shown here is a poor quality sample because the blood spots are too small

The new e-learning takes you on a sample-taking journey, giving practical tips on what to do before, during and after taking a sample.

An animation explains (in a non-technical way) how the laboratory looks at blood spot samples as 3-dimensional objects to make sure they contain the right amount of blood.

There are also illustrations of different types of poor quality samples, including some real images from a laboratory to download and keep as a resource.

The module includes an animation on why samples need to have the correct amount of blood on them

We’ve included videos from previous e-learning in which:

  • a midwife describes how she improved her practice
  • we take a look at what happens when samples reach the laboratory

There are reminders throughout of where to go for further information, including e-learning modules on the new blood spot card and the 9 conditions.

Feedback welcome

A huge thanks to the e-Learning for Healthcare team at Health Education England for helping us to develop this new module – they had great ideas and really helped to bring it to life.

We’d welcome any feedback on the new e-learning, so please do take a moment to complete the survey at the end if you get a chance.

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