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Updated Screening tests for you and your baby booklets mailed out to all maternity units

During March we are mailing out copies of the new print run of the 'Screening tests for you and your baby' booklet to every NHS trust in England that has a maternity unit.

'Screening test for you and your baby' March 2016 cover.

'Screening tests for you and your baby' is given to all women during pregnancy and includes all the antenatal and newborn screening tests we offer.

We have updated the booklet to remove the offer of screening in pregnancy for rubella (German measles) susceptibility, which ends in England on 1 April 2016.

Trusts should therefore use the new version of the booklet for all women booking pregnancies from 1 April 2016 onwards. Women booking on or before 31 March 2016 should be given the ‘old’ version that includes the offer of rubella susceptibility screening.

Please discard/recycle any remaining copies of the old booklet after 1 April.

You can order future stock or set up standing orders from national print supplier Harlow Printing Ltd in the usual way:

If your trust has not received copies of the new booklet by Monday 21 March, please contact Rebecca Ord

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