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Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan is a Public Health Registrar and joined the London Public Health training scheme in 2014. She is currently on placement with the NHS London screening and immunisation team, previously having worked in Local Authority Public Health with the South London Health protection team. Sarah was a junior doctor in the West Midlands and spent a number of years working for international non-governmental organisations in the fields of child health, malnutrition and TB - working for Medair, Save the Children and World Vision UK and was chair of the board of Target TB until 2016. Sarah is also on the executive committee of the faculty of conflict and catastrophe medicine and a guest lecturer in Global Health for MSc students at the University of Brighton.

Easy guides for pregnant women with learning disabilities well received

The Screening tests for you and your baby: easy guides have been well received by health professionals and the public, an evaluation project has found.

Finding out if easy guides to screening meet the needs of pregnant women who have learning disabilities

An evaluation of our Screening tests for you and your baby easy guides will help us to share good practice that will benefit pregnant women with learning disabilities across the country.