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Networking day: screening support sonographers and screening coordinators

The London screening quality assurance services (SQAS) team held a forum for screening support sonographers (SSS) and screening co-ordinators on Friday 9 June 2017.

Our objectives for the day were:

  • to identify areas for learning and improvement within current areas of practice
  • provide opportunities for networking between the multidisciplinary groups

Structure of the day

We started the day with a fun icebreaker we asked the audience  to:

  • identify one thing that you could use some help or support with
  • identify one thing that you could offer to help or support someone else

Working life can be demanding as well as rewarding so it’s important to try and help your colleagues. This was a great opportunity for the audience to share their knowledge and skills.

During the morning, presentations were given by the SQAS team.  These included:

  • a reminder of the how quality assurance (QA) and NHS England responsibilities differ
  • programme updates in general
  • a fetal anomaly screening programme (FASP) update
  • a FASP e-learning update and video demonstration of how it works
  • a summary of incidents in antenatal and newborn screening programmes - particular emphasis on FASP related incidents

After refuelling for lunch we continued the day with:

  • FASP screening and management – discussing in greater detail the role of the SSS in the management of Down's syndrome quality assurance support service (DQASS) flags
  • a data workshop - which really got the enthusiastic groups excited
  • QA visit 2015 to 2016 - key themes and common recommendations
  • developing a quality improvement action plan

The key message we hope that participants would take away from the day was to ensure all women and babies have access to high quality screening programmes.

Speak at the next forum

Thank you to everyone who attended the London forum - in particular our speakers. If you would like to present at the next London antenatal and newborn screening forum, please email us –

We look forward to seeing you at the next forum!


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