A poem of persuasion to pursue participation in our PHE Screening poll

Please would you give us 5 minutes of your time to

Help us

Evaluate our blogs?  


Sitting on the train,

Caressing a cup, of coffee or tea or chai,

Regardless of where, regardless of how,

Engage in


New ideas from old hands

Ignite the fires of change,

Now is your chance to have your say,

Give us your feedback straight away.


Before you moan, “this doesn’t rhyme”,

Locate some space and time


Go and tell us whether we shine (what was that you were saying about the rhyme?).


So I ask of you kindly,

Unleash your emotions,

Release your thoughts,

Vent your feelings,

Enable us to improve.

Yours sincerely, the PHE Screening blog team


Thank you to everyone who has already completed our blog survey.

For those of you who haven’t completed our survey, fear not, you still have time! The survey will be live until 10 February 2016.

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