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Need some help making the most of the newborn blood spot failsafe system?

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, if that’s the case, then I'm not sure how many words a video adds up to.

We have developed 9 short training videos to support the newborn blood spot failsafe solution (NBSFS). They range in length from one to 7 minutes so none will take long to watch and we hope they'll provide you with the confidence to get the most from the system when you use it.

The videos are suitable for new users as they cover all the information needed to use the system, including logging on, using the tracking page and updating records. The films will also be useful as a refresher for those familiar with the system, especially to check how to carry out actions which they may only do occasionally (such as cancelling a transferred record). They should also be helpful for anyone who doesn't use the system but is interested in seeing how it functions.

They can be used in conjunction with the support materials on GOV.UK, including the quick user guides and operational level agreements.

Users are already telling us they really like the films. Comments have included:

I do think they are very good and a useful training tool to be able to use when training any new staff for the failsafe system.

I feel I can give our screening co-ordinators a refresher.

I did find the videos to be a useful training resource, information is clear, easy to follow and understand. I feel I could use these videos to help me to train anyone needing to use the failsafe system.

I liked the feeling of being talked through what users will see on screen in the way you’ve done it – much better than screen shots or slides.

If YouTube is blocked in your trust and you can't see the videos above then you can also access them on our CPD website.

If anyone would like to give feedback on the films they can do so via the feedback form.

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